About TWIG

What is TWIG 

TWIG (Tashkent Women's International Group) is a women's group located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with a membership of more than a hundred women from (at last count) some 45 different countries.

TWIG was established in 1992. From September 2020 TWIG is led by Christel Nicoli-Närvi.

Click here to meet the members of the Board 2020-2021.


TWIG aims to provide a place for networking and self-actualization for expat women. All activities organized by TWIG are non-political, non-religious and non-profit. All Board members and others involved in organizing events and Interest Clubs activities are volunteers.


The members of TWIG organize monthly general meetings and coffee mornings, and many other cultural, educational, and fun activities, such as fashion shows, tours and trips, lectures, diners and lunches. Check out the News section of this website to stay informed. You can also receive up-to-date details of all events by
joining the "TWIG Family" group on Telegram Messenger.

Interest Clubs

TWIG also facilitates Interest Clubs that meet on a regular basis to pursue a certain activity, be it bridge, English conversation, or walking. There are also several play groups for toddlers.

Loyalty & Discount Cards

Through TWIG, you can obtain a loyalty card for Makro (supermarket), which doubles the "points" you save, with half of them benefiting TWIG.

As a TWIG member, you can also obtain a personal 20% discount card for (1) 
Arrows and Sparrows and (2) Socials.

Contact Anna Lindenberger or any one of our other Board members.


Click here to learn more about TWIG's charity efforts.

Membership Fee

The yearly membership fee for 2020-2021 is 450.000 so'm (350.000 for those who were paying members in the year 2019-2020). The receipts go towards hosting the monthly General Meetings, website-related costs, charity, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Membership Form

You are now able to download the Membership Form 2020-2021 here. Please print it, fill it in completely (please try to write legibly - or else fill it in on your computer first before printing it!), and bring it to our next event or meeting, along with the membership fee in Uzbek soums.


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