Andrea Salzman

Arts and Crafts

Coordinator: Andrea Salzman
phone +998-90-977-02-78

Some pictures below.

From Andrea:

For 2021-2022 the former Art Interest Club is renamed Art and Crafts Interest Club. A fun and creative club that encompasses activities such as practicing or learning painting in mixed media - including watercolors, acrylics, and silk painting - making home decorations for holidays (fall, Halloween, Christmas, spring), learning from talented local masters how to use the pottery wheel and make ceramics, and visiting many galleries, art studios (meeting the artists), and exhibitions - I plan to organize as many gallery and museum visits as possible. If anyone would like to practice their knitting skills or learn how to knit, that can be included as well! (Nothing can be better than knitting together while sipping some delicious hot tea on a cold winter morning.)

We’ll have cake, cookies, tea and coffee while we practice our creativity weekly.

I would like to have monthly challenges based on a subject/theme in any mediums and materials used. And perhaps an end-of-year art exhibition with the members' works at TWIG's final General Meeting?  Can you tell l'm excited? 😁🥰😉


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