Gulshan Omonova

Uzbek Culture

Coordinator: Gulshan Omonova
phone: +998-91-162-81-91

Our Interest Club's program includes weekly tea/coffee meetings to discuss Uzbek life and traditional culture. We will also visit art exhibitions, attend cooking classes to make and try Uzbek food, participate in Uzbek embroidery or ceramics workshops, take Uzbek dance lessons, and join tours to historical sites within Tashkent or day trips outside of Tashkent.

As someone who has lived the life of an expat herself (eight years in Italy, Slovakia and Hungary) Gulshan, who is Uzbek, understands the challenges you face and can also advise you, for instance, in navigating the intricacies of your contacts with native Uzbeks.

Xush kelibsiz O'zbekistonga!


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