Our Sponsors

TWIG would not be able to be the force for good that it is and has been for the past three decades, if it weren't for donations - in cash and in kind - from generous sponsors, and for partners such as Korzinka. You can read all about our charitable activities and some of the companies and organizations that partnered with us, on our Charity page.

If you wish to support us, too, please get in touch with one of our Board members! We would be happy to discuss ways for you to get involved. The benefits for you can be the satisfaction of knowing that you help people in need in the case of our charity events, but also simply the opportunity to increase awareness of your brand among our international membership and their extended contacts, and marketing opportunities through involvement in our activities, which include trips and tours, family picnics, bazaars and yard sales, and different celebrations and other events we organize for our members, as well as for local institutions and charitable organizations.

Below are logo's of two of our main sponsors of the previous year(s).

Wyndham Tashkent hotel

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